Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Proper Pint Glasses and a Big Rock

Hola!  We are now back in Espana (well kind of) and having a tip top time with my wonderful friend Angela & her boyfriend Dean.  After a long drive from the west coast of Portugal, via a health clinic (John's been deaf in one ear) & a 2 hour stint around the ring road of Seville to find a campsite that shut 2 years ago, we finally found a place to pitch for a couple of nights.  We've heard that it's hot in England at the mo but seriously people, we're talking 45 degrees C!  John was so shocked by the heat (apparently it's the hottest place he's ever been) he treated himself to a 1 euro thermometer & spent the next few days checking it regularly.  Even at night it was 35 degrees.

We definitely can't complain though, everywhere we go seems to have a beach or a swimming pool & plenty of cold beer options so we are very happy.  We spent the weekend in Tarifa, a cool hippy surf town that even had a vegetarian restaurant & suited us perfectly.  Ang & her friend Kerry showed us the sights & the local night spots, which played everything from Flamenco to AC/DC to Whigfield.  Much fun was had before heading back to their dwellings in La Linea.

We're now in Angela's beautiful apartment which feels like being in a 5* hotel, complete with balcony overlooking the water & a swimming pool.  She's about 100 metres from the border with Gibraltar so our days have been spent half in Spain, half in a mini version of Britain (just with more sun).  It's so bizarre crossing the border into a land of red post boxes, pound coins and proper pint glasses, but quite refreshing not to have to keep struggling with our bad Spanish!  Walking into Gib takes you across the airport runway where you're definitely encouraged not to drop litter, just in case the karma gets you!

Yesterday Ang took us on a hike up the big rock which felt like punishment at the time but was very rewarding in the end.  The views were beautiful (we could even see Morocco) and we managed to spot some of the wild monkeys on the way down.

John's hearing is now working again so we're heading to a waterpark tomorrow and then taking a mini trip to Morocco for a few days.  Photos and updates to come soon!x

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