Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 15 - 21 Veliko Tarnovo to Calafat (Romania). 340km (total 887km)

Greetings from Romania!  Laura again unfortunately - John's busy sorting maps for the next section of our journey.  After a couple more rest days at a campsite near Veliko we were on our way again, this time with the Danube in mind & the border crossing to Romania.  And boy were we glad when we got there!  The hills of Bulgaria had taken their toll and I think the general down-beat nature of pretty much everyone we met had begun to rub off and we were both feeling a little depressed...

Yet all it took was a 15 minute boat trip across the Danube - once on the Romanian side everything changed and we had smiles on our faces once more.  We met 8 other bike tourers on the first day alone which was very motivating & useful for sharing route tips etc.  The pace of life in the villages we pass is slow, with horse & cart the most common form of transport, but the people are happy & love to say hello as we pass.  The (very) flat roads are amazing too, its great to be cruising along & finally notching up 80 or 90km a day.  That said, we've just met a guy from Glasgow who's doing virtually the same route as us in 3 weeks....must be all the deep fried mars bars or something.

Pictures next time, ciao for now!x    

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