Sunday, 22 May 2011

A quick update!

Helloooo, John is concerned that our 3 followers will loose interest if we don't write a post NOW so here it is :-)  Just a quick one as internet connection is precious (took us an hour's walk to get it) and our battery is low.  We're in Asturias in the North of Spain not far from the Picos de Europa national park.  It's an amazing area & we're having a great time with our hosts Astrid & Thomas.  They're a dutch couple who are in the process of setting up an eco campsite so we're helping where we can - currently in the middle of building a donkey shelter for their upcoming guests!  A proper post with more info and pictures will follow soon!  :-)  x

Solar panel has peaked at just over 10amps, for those interested.  That is very very good. That was in a car park in town.  Now we are parked under thick tree cover for 2 weeks, so dont even have the lights on. Better luck next week eh...

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