Thursday, 12 May 2011

the second post...The Basque Country

This is me, John. in Italics from here on in.   I read a book like this once, written by two people, and i always liked that system.  

The ferry was fun, pretty choppy so we walked like drunks mostly.  We did general knowledge quizes in the 'Planets Bar', and killed 34 hours without too much fuss.  The cabin was big! Laura's first comment was literally "There's 4 bog rolls! We're havin one of them."  Yes we are good together.

So we made it off the boat and chewed through tight motorways with about a mug full of petrol in the tank,  a few stops, including a very nice place called Galiz (beans on toast breakfast cooked up in the beach car park, perfect!), and to our first camp ground which has the most amount of heavy set porcelain ive ever seen in one place.  Tonnes of it, big old heavy stuff, in the laundry, washing up room, toilets, showers, all complimented by very nice navy tiles.  I took a picture of some of it, but its not here. Oh and the toilets flush with such amazing force that my ears popped.

The new solar panel on the van is doing brilliantly, making a record breaking 6.9 amps from spanish sun (a PB for me).  More power than we can use on keeping the fridge running on pretty much full power, so im well happy with that.  We also made a 3-way washing line out of bungee cords (+ wool) which Andy W & Dad, you would like.

Last night we had a brilliant day/evening in Bilbao with Laura's friends Anne-Sophie and David who are amazing hosts!  We spent a few hours in the Guggenheim Museum, where the building itself is really the star of the show (for us anyway). There is not one straight edge in the whole building, apart from the floor (and that was wonky in one of the exhibitions), and it was so much so that we both felt nauseous after about an hour and half.  Dont think that was the intended result really, but it will stay with us (and in our stomachs). 

Anne-Sophie & David showed us around like pro's and treated us to some regional bar snacks (david had one made from squid ink, totally black- i didnt choose that one) and 2 very powerful martinis that looked and tasted very good.  Laura was even eating olives with them, and this is a new thing Im happy about.  

 So we were sent back merrily on the tram system to the campsite, which is about a 45 minute ride, where it is now the next morning- cloudy, but bright and warm.

Next we have one more day in Bilbao, and then on the Picos de Europa, a national park and mountain range west of Santander.  Onwards!

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  1. Glad you both and the van made it safely across to Espana!

    Would like to see a photo of washing line mark 1 and how it improves over the coming weeks...

    All good here back in Llani!