Friday, 3 August 2012

Day 51 - 66 Vranovska Plaz to Berlin. 685km (Total 3035km)

Greetings from Berlin, woop!!!  Feels like a super duper milestone to have reached, having made it into country number 8 with less than a month & only Holland to go.  We've also managed to clock up 3000km, which was my original estimate for the whole trip - does that mean we can stop now?!  

German tourers travelling with 2 dogs

Its great to be on the flat again - Czech was tough & by the time we got to Prague was taking its toll.  One particularly large hill looked like a roller coaster from the distance, I wasn't impressed when we got closer & realised it was our road ahead.  We made the decision to do the last few km's into Prague by train - a bit of a cop-out but with our large scale road map & the usual big city traffic it would have taken hours to navigate the city centre.  I have no regrets.  

Cheeky ride on the train! Only a few km's I promise

I've been to Prague twice before & had great memories of a beautiful old town and VERY cheap beer.  Although having had beer for 12p a glass in Vietnam everything's extortionate to us now. Anyhoo's we managed to bagsy ourselves a city centre campsite & explore the fine city with beer breaks along the way. Even an amazing vegetarian restaurant – what a treat!

Tasty and cheap.  Mmmmmmmm........
In Prague we were told about the Elbe River bicycle route, which would take us to Dresden & beyond - once again allowing us to travel on the flat with bike signs helping us along the way. It lived up to our expectations & – the scenery was stunning & it was great to once again be surrounded by other cyclists on the popular route. Only on occasion were we left completely bemused by where the bike path took us:

To cycle or not to cycle...?

A bike route?  Seriously?!

The crossing into Germany was understated to say the least & we wouldn't have noticed had it not been for a large group of retired tourers hastily studying their maps. In Dresden we were joined by our friends Andy & Maja, who live near Frankfurt & kindly made the trip across Germany to hang out for the weekend (would have been a slightly difficult detour for us). It was great to kick back, hang out amongst friends and relax in a great city. Always good to have an excuse for a rest day too!

The closest we got to the German flag near the border

Crazy pics on Andy's snazy camera
Fun times in Dresden

Onwards to Berlin, we continued along the Elbe for a couple more days before diverting north, once again relying on our navigational skills & keeping our fingers crossed for little traffic & no hills.  Thankfully we weren't dissapointed & have made it into Berlin in one piece.  Fun times ahead!x

SO many bikes!!!
3000km, oh yeah!

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