Thursday, 9 August 2012

One Week in Berlin

Hello again- john here. this time on a German kezboard. So when zou see a Z.. i mean a Y. And the other waz round too.  Its a different lazout...  Alles Klar?

We cant reallz saz weve done anz more czcling, other than wheeling around between bars, restaurants and all night techno raves (we are in Germanz after all), but we have seen quite a few old friends and generallz had a grand old time of it.  Laura had been here before, but i dont think i had, and it was nice to explore.  We saw some sights and sounds and beers and foods.  Riding the bikes without the bags on was verz nice. 

Lauraäs freind Monika put us up in here flat in Neu Kolln, and was a luxurz to have access to a fridge and kettle with lots of tea bags.  Our good friend Steph from Manchester came to visit us here too, and managed to meet up with Myrtle and H, Ron and Sabina, and again it was amaying to see friendlz faces all around! Strange to be in Berlin, but still have dinner with 8 nice friends.

The main event was of course Lauraäs birthdaz, hitting the ripe age of 29.  I sorted a mzsterz daz of treasure hunting around the citz and splurged on a posh hotel (13th floor, good though!) And then we met our friends for an Indian meal, and went home with swollen bellies. Good daz!

Todaz i write this from Potsdam, on our waz out of Berlin as we ease back into the saddle.  Its onlz a 35km daz or something, but it gets us out of the citz and back into our tent where we can route plan the next stages and hopefullz side step anz hills. 

Ive got some work lined up for the 7th of September which is fantastic news for me.  We just have about 800km left, mz birthday, a ferrz from amsterdam, see the familz, fix the van, get back down to Manchester, and find somewhere to live. Easz.

Massive thanks to all the new people who have Sponsored us-  amaying stuff!!!!! It feels great have this support and keep the pedals turning.

Ok, we have just managed to find some gas for the stove which ran out 2 weeks ago, which means a good meal tonight at the campsite.

Auf Wiedersehen!!

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  1. Hey Guys,

    Found your blog and was glad to read there many reasons to make more out of life. ..and that your just doing that.. as simple as it is..great!!

    You survived the HARZ?? up and down to hot??.. but after your great trip on your "Italian/doner" bikes it must be ok..don t forget after the Harz its all down hill!! to flat HOLLAND. I ve got in Holzminden by a day and arrived home today (took only the yellow roads) , more car traffic in this part but it went fast. Got me a train from arnhem.

    Enjoy your last bike week and have a safe trip and keep all your memories and share them with your future, whatever it will look- but let it be *BRIGHT*

    Huub van den Doren